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Ever wondered why açaí became such a popular food nowadays?

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

What Is Acai and Why do People Consume it?

As the New Oxford American Dictionary describes it, "Açaí" is a South American Palm Tree producing small edible blackish-purple berries .

With so many tasteful deserts and amazing breakfast bowls to choose from, lately people decided to move their attention more towards açaí when choosing the food to start their day or even to have a refreshing delicious snack between meals.

Being prepared in different forms and combinations, from smoothies, to ice cream and even breakfast meals, açaí comes loaded with lots of nutrients to give you the energy you need in order to complete your daily tasks and why not even to look better.

Health Benefits of Açaí Berry known today:

* Improves Digestion;

* Rich In Antioxidants;

* Great Detox Agent;

* Regenerates Damaged Skin Cells;

* Stimulates Hair Growth;

* Reduces Effects of Aging;

* Ensures A Healthy Heart;

* Lowers Cholesterol;

* Lowers Blood Pressure;

* Aids in Weight Loss (used as a part of low calorie diet)

* Boosts energy levels;

If you haven`t try it yet, you might want to put your hands on one of those smoothie bowls with açaí! they are not only nice looking but also tasting very delightful!

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